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Ramblings of A Tired Mind
Friday, 10 February 2012
My own ramblings
Mood:  cheeky

I get the biggest kick out of the twenty-somethings of today. For instance,

"Hey old man? Mind you own business or I'm gonna kick your ass!"

And you mutter under your breath, "you and what army?"

These kids don't realize that we were the generation that hitch-hiked across the

U.S. Most likely barefoot with flowers...BY OUR SELVES! Or we would

"road-trip" until we ran out of gas. Then we would lay around the

car, which was parked on the side of the road- stoned, making shapes out of the

clouds until some other group road-tripping, would stop and offer us a can of

gas or a ride to the nearest gas station. Which we did after we ALL laid back

down around both cars, making shapes out

of the clouds.

(Man, the times we had. It was great. we partied

until the cows came home. At which point you asked the person next to you if he

was seeing the cow too. Then, said person, would tell you to sit up cause you

were still looking up at the damn clouds.) HMMM-mm

Fear is just not the same thing anymore.

You hear more and more about the older people fighting back…shooting

back, fighting back with their canes…. That's us…and we're not going to take it

lying down.

[Oxy- Mooorrr-On for today: "Road Construction Ahead"} should read: "Traffic

jam for the next 10 miles and 65 minutes!"]

Posted by kathypriebe at 1:30 PM EST
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