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Ramblings of A Tired Mind
Tuesday, 14 February 2012
The Eyes of the Beast
Mood:  special
Now Playing: Just free writing

      You have stared into the eyes of the beast. Cold golden orbs with a dot of black riveting you to the spot. A snarl of a curled upper lip warning you not to move. You are frozen to the spot, still as death itself, quiet as death, not even the falling snow broke the stare between you and the wolf.  A big male beauty. The snow peppering his pelt only added to his allure. He took a step forward, two steps, then three. One more and he will be close enough to launch himself at you.  But you still hold your ground. You know if you got up from the ground where you slipped and fell, you would be his next meal. He took that next step towards you. You could feel his breath on your face. Smell the rotting meat from his last meal stuck between his teeth…..

     "Really…REALLY! Adolphus," The wolf stuck his tongue out and licked her cheek.  "I am going to have to brush your teeth! Yuck. Serious doggie breath!" The thump of the large, black wolf's tail beat on the floor as the tongue shot out and licked her cheek again. Nicky laughed and ruffled the top of his head. "I love you too, you big old mutt."

      "Now, I need to work on this scene. Back up boy." She gestured with her hand and the wolf backed up. "Good boy." She turned the tape recorder on and started all over again… 'You have stared into the eyes….."

Posted by kathypriebe at 1:40 AM EST
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